Paint Perfection

Author:  Spring

When we bought our little craftsman bungalow a few months ago, we knew that we wanted to paint most of the rooms.  The walls were clean, unmarked, and in good condition, but they just didn’t suit our tastes.  We wanted livelier pastels.  Since Syracuse’s winters are long and dark, we thought it would be great to have some soft colors on the wall that could help reflect the light that we do manage to get out of Mother Nature.

One of the first rooms we painted was the dining room.  We eat all of our meals in there, and we wanted it to be a soothing environment for us.

Diningroom before

This is the color in the dining room when we bought the house.

Dining room side wall

Another view of the room.

Diningroom colors

After looking at many samples, we narrowed our choices down to two colors. We tried them both on the wall and settled on Silver drop by Behr.

Chairrail before 4

What a huge difference the new paint job made.


This photo shows the room from another angle. You can also get a glimpse of the chairs I posted about last week and the light we changed from electric to candles only.

Our next project will be adding chair rail in this room.  We think it will be a nice week-end project.  Stay tuned to see those results.


I was not paid by Behr to mention their product.