The Florida Room

Author:  Spring

Believe it or not, our adorable Syracuse bungalow has a Florida room.  At least, that is what we call it.  The room, which is adjacent to the living room, was originally a front porch.  But sometime during the 83 years of our house’s existence, someone converted the porch into a room.  That decision was good, but some of the decorating choices along the way weren’t so good.

We love the area because it lets a huge amount of natural light flood the living room, and it will be a great place for future babies to keep their toys.  They will be close at hand but out of the way of the major living areas.  Another thing we like about the room is that we plan to actually put a daybed in there that could be used as a guest bed in a pinch.

But first, we have some manual labor to take care of.  For instance, the first photo shows the right side of the entry into the room.  You will notice that there is an arched opening.  Well, on the left side of that same opening, there is no arch.  The opening is squared off at a 90 degree angle.  When we have a handiman come take care of some issues in another part of the house, we are going to have him add an arch to the left side of the opening as well.  Note that the paint is not black, even though it looks like it in some of these photos.

FLhighview - The Florida Room

Another choice that we cannot figure out and really don’t like is the flooring that was installed.  Instead of continuing the hardwood floors into the room, someone selected an ugly mosaic style tile.  We plan to remove it and add pre-finished hardwoods that match the existing floors as closely as possible.

FLroombeforeleft - The Florida Room

Since we are all about doing any and all changes to the house that we can handle, based on our skill level, and since the room doesn’t require any quirky cuts, we are going to tackle this project on our own.  We think we can take an installation course at the local Home Depot.

FLOOR - The Florida Room

This close-up photo gives a good view of the floor.  Not so pretty, is it?

halfandhalffloor - The Florida Room

We don’t think our existing floors will be too difficult to match.

circleedge - The Florida Room

Here is another view of the arched entry on the right side of the Florida room. Again, the paint is looking much darker in this photo than it is.

sqedge - The Florida Room

This gives a good view of the right angle on the left side of the opening.  What were they thinking? The paint color on this shot is much more accurate.

FLroomwithTable - The Florida Room

This coffee table is one my husband bought in his bachelor days.  He wants to refinish it, and then we will use it in front of the not-yet-purchased daybed and place two large pillows on this side of it.  We think it will be a great place for playing games and hanging out.

FLRoomwithbistro - The Florida Room

The only other furniture we have is this bistro table and chairs.  They make a nice place to have a romantic meal or just a cup of coffee.

The room is bare right now, similar to a blank canvas.  We hope our vision can become a reality.  We will definitely keep you informed.

daybed - The Florida RoomThis day bed is the style we are looking for.  We would love to find something like it on Craig’s list or at one of the great local thrift stores.  This one is in the West Elm catalogue.

We look forward to tackling this project.  It is one that doesn’t require a major financial investment but will increase the livability and value of our home.

What about you?  Are you planning any house projects in the near future?


I was not paid by West Elm or Home Depot to mention them.  Day bed image from West Elm.