Let the Games Begin

Author:  Spring

One of the ways my husband and I like to spend time is playing board games.  I know.  I know.  It might sound old-fashioned to some, but we love the way we can spend time with our friends, catch up on each others’ lives, have some drinks and snacks, and get a good competition going.  It’s a great low-budget way to spend an evening entertaining.

Two couples from out-of-town spent last week-end with us. During the day we enjoyed all of the snow and sun and went snowshoeing.

After we spent some time outdoors, the weather turned on us.

Since the temperature dropped and the sun was no longer shining, we thought it would be fun to go home, sit in front of the non-working fireplace, and play games.

These are some of our favorite games.

I also prepared some easy snacks and served beers, brewed by my husband, and we had a great time. 

How do you like to entertain your friends on a cold winter night?


Thanks to Karen for the snowshoeing photos. Snack photo from atl grocery delivery. I was not paid by any of the board games companies.