Food Fast

When bicycling through the remote mountains of Laos, it is easy to build up a hunger.  One of the things about cycling is that you need energy – lots of it – which means you get have to eat  much more than normal.  Many calories out make us need many calories in. 

However, this is a problem when  cycling through humongous mountains and remote primitive villages without a shop or restaurant within a hundred miles.  But we didn’t have to worry.  Our fantastic bicycle guide, Chit, came well-stocked with noodles and fresh vegetables to make soup.  The Vietnamese call this type of concoction pho, but the Laotians simply call it noodle soup.

Chit also brought along a camping stove, a cute little folding table with bright plastic chairs, glass bowls, and chop sticks.  The van driver carried all of these items along with a cooler of cold drinks and went ahead to have a little picnic site organized by the time we pedaled there.  We felt so pampered sitting around the table placed on the lightly traveled mountain roads and eating our warm and nourishing meal.  Take a look.

1 - Food Fast
Our little lunch stop is set up on the rarely-used road.  What you don’t know from this photo is that two of us fell over the edge of the road while sitting in our little red chairs right before this was taken.  We were okay, and I didn’t even spill my soft drink.
2 - Food Fast

Here is my broken chair.  I really don’t weigh that much, do I?

3 - Food Fast
This little camping stove worked perfectly for cooking our soup.
4 - Food Fast

Chit used this little basket to carry the fresh vegetables and seasonings which included very hot, hot peppers which we didn’t eat.  We thought mint was an interesting addition along with the tomatoes, spring onions, lettuce, cabbage, and rice noodles.  Broth wasn’t available, so he cooked everything in water, and we added lots of soy sauce.


5 - Food Fast
Ahh!  Lunch is served and the colors are beautiful.