Frosting on the Cake

Even though our basement is below ground level, the windows look out and are even with our neighbors’ kitchen.  Our basement, though practical, is not a pretty room at this point.  We have shelves for storing seasonal sports equipment, tables for my husband’s woodworking, and a laundry area.  We didn’t necessarily want our neighbors to see in, and we didn’t necessarily want to see their place either. 

Looking into our basement from the outside of our house.  This was taken at night.

Mom and I are fans of the Young House Love blog, and they did a trick with their laundry room door that gave them some privacy from interested neighbors.   My husband and I decided the same technique would work for us.
It is really simple.  We bought  Gila Privacy Window Film at Home Depot and applied it to our six basement windows.  It worked for us just like it worked for them, and weare really happy about it.
First, we cleaned our windows with vinegar and water.  I wore my painting respirator for this part because I have never liked the smell of  vinegar .
This is before I cleaned the window.  We did this at night so it hard to see the view.

Then we measured the windows and cut the window covering to measure, adding an extra two inches on all sides.

Next, we sprayed a solution that came with the kit onto the windows and on the covering.  Then we put it on the windows and used an application tool that came in the kit to squeeze out the air bubbles and excess water.  Finally, we cut off the excess with an exacto knife that also came in the kit.

Inside the basement after the film is on the window now you can’t see the neighbors.

Privacy now that the film is on the window.

Then I went outside and was shocked that I could not see in.  Yet, on the inside we still got the daylight.  We love it and wish we had done it sooner.


I was not paid by Gila to mention this product.