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Well, I am home after my amazing two-week trip to Laos.  Mom is still there and about to begin her two-week bicycle trip to Hanoi.  She hopes to post about it along the way, but the primitive conditions that she will be traveling in might make that impossible.  Meanwhile, I will keep the posts coming.

When we moved to Syracuse, I knew to expect snow and lots of it.  In December alone we had the number one snowiest December ever recorded.  It kind of smacked me in the face with a frigid welcome.  The annual average snowfall is 115 inches, and we are already past that.

snowblowing - Rock My World
Here my husband is using the snowblower, another snowy day in Syracuse.

Our bungalow is built over a basement which requires steps up to the front porch and steps up to the main level in the back.  Once you enter our back foyer, we have a shelf area for baskets of scarves, hats, and gloves and hooks for coats.   But, when we moved in there wasn’t a place where we could store our wet boots and shoes to keep our hard wood floors dry.

When trying to figure out a way to solve this problem, I remembered seeing a photo on either a blog or in a magazine (sorry, I can’t give credit to the right person) about a tray of rocks.  Wet shoes and boots could sit on top of the rocks, and the melted snow could run down into the tray.  Since our back yard is full of rocks that we don’t want (many posts about this will come in the spring), all I had to do was to purchase a large tray at the check-out counter at Home Depot.

bettertray - Rock My World

I then gathered a bucket of rocks and poured them into tray, and the problem was solved.

Rocks - Rock My World
rockswithtray1 - Rock My World
rocksintray2 - Rock My World
bootsontray - Rock My World

We have dry floors and dry boots and shoes.

And I want to let my southern friends know that this method also works well for rain boots.


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