We’re Wired

Greetings from Laos.  The build project is going well with lots of progress on the school, the playground, the rice shed turned classroom, and a new project – the painting of the existing six classrooms.  We are tired and our muscles ache,but we are happy.

Jordan and I are big fans of “The Amazing Race.”  We even entered to compete once, but they didn’t give us a call.  Oh well…..That’s their loss………………..

During one of the seasons, the competitors traveled to Vietnam, and one of their tasks there was to count the number of electrical wires running down a certain street.  Now, in the good ole USA this wouldn’t be such a big deal.  But in Vietnam as well as here in Laos, it is.  Believe me.

Take a look at the photo below.  This is photo could have been taken on any given city street corner here.  See all of the wires and how they all emerge onto one pole at the corner?  This gave us the idea to have our own competition, thanks to stealing the idea from  “The Amazing Race.”

DSCF0986 - We're Wired

Don’t worry.  You don’t have to count the number of wires you see in the photo.  All you have to do is guess how many wires you think there are, and write it in the comment form below.  We will let Random.com select the winner who will win a prize we bring home from Laos.

The contest will end at noon Southeast Asian time on Saturday.  (That is midnight Friday EST in the USA).  By the way, we are 12 hours ahead of you.  We have seen the future, and it looks good.

Take care.