Over the Moooooooooooooon

We have been traveling for 33 hours and still we are not there yet.   Enjoy the following entry. 

Cowwithmom - Over the Moooooooooooooon
I made friends with sweet little girl in Cambodia when I was walking to the beach.  She was just walking down the road all by her lonesome.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I love cows.  I am over the moon about them.  I am always asking my husband to buy one or two for me, but he hasn’t given in yet.  He is the sane one here who realizes we would be heavily fined if we brought one into the city limits.  Oh well.  A girl can dream.

Every place we travel, I try to take a photo of some of the serene animals doing what they do.  And just think.  They speak the same language in every country.  How easy is that!

Enjoy these photos of some of my furry friends.

Cowchilling - Over the Moooooooooooooon
This beauty lives in a lush green field in Belgium, the home of the biggest and healthiest looking cows I have ever seen. 

momfeedingcow - Over the Moooooooooooooon
It was dinner time when I met this little baby after my day of cycling in Holland, and I had the honor of feeding her.

cowpainting - Over the Moooooooooooooon
This is an oil painting that I saw in a bed and breakfast in South Africa.  It was huge and painted by a Dutch artist, but I don’t know her name.

hairycow - Over the Moooooooooooooon
This bad boy spends his time in a field in the Scottish Highlands.  We met up last September during a cycling ride I took from the very bottom of England to the very top of Scotland.  Don’t you just love his haircut?

cowinmarket - Over the Moooooooooooooon
A market place in Vietnam is where this Miss Bovine and I first laid eyes on each other.  She and her friends were just wandering around, without a care in the world.  The humans didn’t care either.

Cow1 - Over the Moooooooooooooon
This little lady in Germany was as curious about me as I was about her.

Cowrelaxing - Over the Moooooooooooooon
This French mademoiselle was being coy.