During and After

During1 - During and After
Picture of dining room filled with boxes

Last week was a big one for us down-sizing empty-nesters.  We were knee-deep in boxes and running from room to room packing away the very last bits of memorabilia and furniture.  I thought you might like to see a little bit of the chaos.  These following pictures are the boxes as they formed mini-mountains throughout our house.

During2 - During and After
Another view of the dining room
During3 - During and After
Library filled with boxes
During4 - During and After
Kitchen piled high.  You can see my gumballs from our vintage gumball machine on the counter.

After the storm came some calm.  Everything was cleared out, and all of the rooms, cabinets, drawers, and closets were completely clean and pristine.  The following pictures are bitter-sweet for me because they show how our home of 16 years looked as I walked through it for the last time.  It was a strange day for me.  I closed the door on our happy home on the same day that I closed the door on a happy decade of my life and turned the big 6 – 0.

Empty1 - During and After
Empty family room
Empty2 - During and After
(Empty dining room)
empty4 - During and After
View from front door into the house.