Shake Your Palm Palm

At the end of the last day of packing for our move, I was ready for a nice bubble bath and maybe a little bubbly.  After all, it was my sixtieth birthday, and I spent it cleaning.

lavender - Shake Your Palm Palm

So, on my way home to our temporary rental, I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up some lavendar bubble bath.  The fragrance always takes me back to a bicycle trip my husband and I did in England’s Cotswold region a few years ago.  There were lavendar fields along our route, and we could smell them for several hundred yards before we actually saw them.  The aroma of lavendar always takes me there.

cocabutter - Shake Your Palm Palm

Another thing I grabbed at the pharmacy was some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.  Our rental really has dry air, and my skin has been suffering.  The small tube was less than $3.00, and it is a miracle worker.  When I woke the next morninig, my hands were as soft as a baby’s, you know…….bottom.  (Sorry for the cliche, but I had to go there.)

So, I would like to give a big shout-out to Palmer’s and recommend it to any of you ladies (and gents) suffering from the dry effects of winter.

Unfortunately, Palmer’s did not pay us to mention its product. Pictures from Google images and Palmer’s.