Calgon, Take Me Away

Bubble Bath 772571 300x300 - Calgon, Take Me Away

Being an autumn, I know that everyone from my generation can completely understand what that headline means.  Another one I thought about using was “Six Feet Under” which Jordan’s generation could probably relate to more.

I’ll just give you a rundown of what my next ten days look like.  Let me make sure you understand that I am NOT complaining – just reporting.

Castlegate - Calgon, Take Me Away
This week-end we are moving from our place that has been home for the last 16 years.  The movers are arriving tomorrow morning to deal with the furniture, but I have boxed up all of the other contents. 

Also tomorrow, I am picking up the key for our furnished rental where we will be living while our new place is being remodeled.  We are hoping for three months, but realistically it will probably be four.  I will start taking loads of items we will need and items, like silver and jewelry, that we don’t want to sit in storage.  Since I drive a tiny two-seater sports car, I will be making many more trips than if I were using a roomy SUV.

I will also take a few loads to Goodwill.  This is despite having a garage sale last week-end where every single item sold.  As I have continued to pack, I have come across things that just aren’t worthly of being packed.

My husband and I will go to a welcoming cocktail party being given to us by our new neighbors, we will host his brother who is visiting from out of town, and we will celebrate Jordan’s birthday from afar.

On Saturday, the moving will continue.  That day we will deal with the items that we decided could be moved without paying the moving company to do it.  We will also dismantle and pack up lawn furniture and begin the final clean-up of the interior.  We want it to look as good as new when the new owners have their final walk-through on Sunday.

Speedlimit - Calgon, Take Me Away

And, oh yeah, did I mention that Sunday is a monumental birthday for me?  Let’s just say I will not be an age, I will be a speed limit.

On Monday morning we close on our home and will then have a chance to start unpacking our personal items at the rental. If you would like to see the real estate listing for our house here is the link: It sold in just three weeks.  (I’ll take photos of it empty and post them next week.)

I will have final meetings with our builder, plumber, electrician and architect and make sure everything they need for our townhouse remodel has been ordered because…….

Laos - Calgon, Take Me Away

A few days later Jordan and I will meet at the Detroit airport and fly to Laos, a small country in Southeast Asia.  She will be there for two weeks, and I will be there for a month.  We are leaders of a team who will build a school and playground in a small village outside of the capital city.  After that task is complete, she will return home, and my husband and I will join three friends and ride our bicycles from Vientiane, Laos to Hanoi, Vietnam.  That little journey will take two weeks and cross some pretty steep mountains.

So, like I said, I am feeling “Six Feet Under”, so “Calgon, Take Me Away.”

I was not paid by Calgon to mention their product, images from google images and wikipedia.