Cord Games

We moved in our 1928 bungalow not long ago, and I am trying to organize things one room at a time.  We have a room upstairs that is painted bright blue so we are calling it something really original:  ” the blue room.”  It will eventually be painted and turned into a guest room, but at this moment it is our holding/staging area.  One of the obstacles in our blue room was a whole pile of cords needed for the computer, Kindle, phone chargers and even our dust buster.  You name it.  If it needed to be plugged in, then we had a cord for it in a pile on the floor. 
Cords - Cord Games
Do you see the bright blue on the wall?  I cringe everytime I look at it, but the previous owner used it for his daughter’s “princess room”.  We will keep you informed when we choose a color to paint it.  But, meanwhile, back to the cords. 
Most of these cords are related to objects that will be in our study.  Before I untangled the pile and moved the cords to the study, I purchased a behind the door shoe mount.  I bought one that had 24 shoe holders, but instead, I am using them as cord holders.  I used a black magic marker to label each slot with the type of cord it would be housing.
Upclose - Cord Games
I had plenty of cords to fill the majority of this shoe holder, but I still have some extra space for miscellaneous cords in our future.
Lookingup - Cord Games
I also use some of the holders for small objects that tend to be misplaced, and when you need them, you can never find them.We have hung the unit on the back of our study door where it is out of sight but still easily accessible.   Looks good, doesn’t it?  A place for everything, and everything in it place.
Hope my idea gives you the incentive to organize all those pesky cords for your electronics.
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