Welcome to our new blog.  Let me tell you a little about us, about our plans and our blog goals.

daughterphoto - WelcomePhoto taken by Louisville photographer Eric Graf

Lexington1 - WelcomeI am Janette, the mother of two and wife of one.  I am an empty-nester living in the south in Lexington, KY and am in the process of down-sizing from the 4000 square feet family home in the suburbs  to a downtown townhouse of 2700 square feet.  I love decorating, gardening, bicycling, working out, traveling, and reading.

My daughter is Jordan, a newly-wed, who, along with her husband,  just bought a 1928 bungalow  in their new northern town, Syracuse, NY.  She loves decorating, crafting, bicycling, running, traveling, and hanging out with her new husband.  Jordan grew up in the south and went to a southern university, and she is looking forward to the adventures of living in a cold-climate area.

I had been writing a blog, called “Down-sizingboomer”  for about six weeks when Jordan came up with the great idea of writing a blog together.  She thought we could appeal to moms and daughters, to northerners and southerners, to newly-weds and empty-nesters, to new homeowners, and seasoned homeowners.

We thought about a blog name and decided the2seasons.com would be perfect.  Her age makes her “Spring” and my (ahem) age makes me “Autumn.”  Get it?

fall vermont autumn - Welcome

Our blog will have before and afters, decorating tips, recipes, and topics we feel would appeal to our readers’ demographics. We will include lots of projects we undertake in our new houses. We also do quite a bit world-wide traveling and will share that, too.  In fact, we are leaving for Laos in just two weeks to build a school and playground and will be sure to write entries while we are there.

We would love for you to become a regular reader and to tell your friends about us.  Please subscribe, write comments, or add us to your favorites, and check back frequently.

Come back tomorrow and read about 11 things you can do to update your house in 2011 for under $11.00.

Till then.

Pictures of signs and seasons from google images.



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    Whew!!! I just made it thru your whole blog. Looked at every picture! It was very enjoyable. Now I ‘m going to use some of your ideas.
    Rita @ MAY DAYS